The Old Man In The Cave

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Once upon a time there was an old man who lived in a cave. Now this old man was keen to mind his own business, for the world he lived in was quite dangerous. In fact you could say he really didn’t do much except tend his fires and make sure he was well fed in octorok meat.

Being a man of the wild he didn’t own many things, naturally. He had been a hermit more years than he could count and there wasn’t a whole lot he held in high value. The shiny gem shards everyone else seemed to obsess over meant little to the old man. His little cave, his cloak, and most importantly, his wooden sword were all that really mattered.

Now you might be wondering what was so special about a silly old wooden sword. The truth is, to someone such as me or you it was nothing really. He had carved it many years ago and it was quite old even by a hermits standards. Worn, ragged, beaten up along the edges – the thing was barely a sword anymore. Anyone else would have thrown it away ages ago.

But no, this sword was much more to the old man. It was his life blood! Without his sword he could never hope to kill the octorok for their meat. Too old to make another, too feeble to even try…. this was all he had. Without his sword he would surely starve.

But one day quite a strange thing happened. Quite strange indeed, especially for a hermit. There he was minding his own business stoking his fires when suddenly a strange boy walks into his cave. Surely this was the first person he had seen in years, the old man thought, decades even! He was shocked…. but there was more than that. Something deep inside that he could not explain.

He knew this young boy was destined for great things. He could feel it in his bones, just like he could feel the evil growing in the world around him. This young Hylian was special. “But, does he know…” though the old man. Only time would tell.

Unarmed and lost, the old man knew this young lad would not fare well in the evil lands beyond his cave. Surely he would be slaughtered in a matter of minutes. He knew what he must do. There was no choice in it, nor any hesitation. “It’s dangerous to go alone!” he quipped, pulling out his sword, “Take this…”

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