Don’t Be Mediocre!

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Mediocre…. a word that means “of only moderate quality; not very good”. In reality it means so much more. It is the dividing line between success and failure, the difference between being remembered or forgotten.

Pursuing a life full of accomplished goals, a life well lived, means going against the norm. The “normal way of life” always means settling for mediocre. Mediocre results, mediocre success, mediocre time spent on this earth and in the end wasted.

A mediocre job in a mediocre life surrounded by mediocre people. This is not a life well lived. In 100 years from this very moment will anyone remember that guy a few cubicles down from you? So what makes you any different from them? Is it your drive? Your goals?

How Does It Get This Way

The thing is no one wants to be mediocre. We all want to be successful, right? No one planning their future says “ya know what, I’m going to try my average and see how mediocre I can be!” So what happens? I believe it’s a life driven by the search for an easy way out that turns into a life wasted.

Success is hard. Obtaining success is scary. It’s time consuming and like walking through hell sometimes. Mediocre life is easy. As long as you show up to a job for a few decades, put forth some vague effort to not get fired, pay your bills on time (hell pay them late even, we’re living mediocre here), and repeat this cycle long enough to buy food and shelter till the ripe old age of dead then you’re good to go.

Tuning Out The Noise

A truly successful life is different, much different, so different in fact that most mediocre people cannot understand why you do what you do until you are already successful. They don’t believe in you. They cannot see the “big picture”. They might be your friends or family. They put you down or talk about you behind your back. Some like to think their just jealous but I think that’s being vain. I think living a driven life is simply too far from norm for mediocre people to comprehend and connect to.

When you’re eating ramen soup for five years so you can get that degree or build your business what you’re doing is investing in the rest of your life, but day to day it doesn’t always feel like that. It can feel like failure if you can’t see the big picture. If it can feel that way to you then it must feel that way to others around you who can’t even understand why you’re doing what you do.

Keep The Drive To Be & Do More

Many people speak about success, wisdom, or accomplishments who have never had any success and lack the wisdom to see that their greatest accomplishment is achieving a mediocre life. They may say you are wasting your life away, your time on this earth forever gone, but they are wrong. Even without money and fame you’ve already accomplished more than they ever will, believing in yourself and having the balls (or ladyballs) to go for it. Never spend a moment on these people, for that is truly time wasted.

Keep your eye on the prize, enjoy the ramen, and ignore the naysayers. Remember to always forgive their ignorance but never forget them lest you be made the fool next time around.

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